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13. Labor Laws


Labour- Word brings different thoughts and views in our mind.

For some they are the ones who represent lower class, for some they are the ones whom they can manipulate as per their convenience.

However, as it is always quoted, Reality is always different and far from what it seems and there is nothing different.

For whom we think as bunch of persons doing minor jobs, are the ones who make everything possible.

Without them, we can just think or to be very honest, we cannot even think of our dreams as it is them who turns our projects into reality.

The monuments, buildings, we come across our daily life and which gives us ‘Aww’ moment is just because labours have given what it takes and what they have.

Leaving aside the buildings for a moment, the means we use in n out and which makes our daily routine stress free is also because of the hardwork of our labour class.

Importance of labour can be estimated from the fact that, during 1914 when labour union decided to work with less intensity, Late.Henry Ford, the tycoon back then gave them the motivational speech as he knew without them giving full dedication, business would be like Train without its engine, you just cannot stretch it too long.

In our country, we always manipulate labours and its pitty they doesn’t get what

They deserve and its even worse that they strive even to fulfil their basic needs.

There is no elasticity for their shifts, as we ask them to work for longer durations forgetting that even machines needs rest to work daily and they are humans needed to be treated properly.

Way we treat our labours can be depicted from the fact that even our entertainment world shows how they were maltreated.

It was due to these bad working ambience which forced labours to form their union to which they can reach out whenever any matter arose.

Union brings revolution in labour industry, now they had someone behind their back and helping hand is always handy when someone ill treat you or took the advantage Of your problems.

Union was like a blessing as they needed someone to be their voice and take the matters in their hand to improve their working conditions.

Union or Acts which were formed for labours- Industrial dispute act 1947, Trade Union Act 1926,

The provisions and changes these acts brought in the Labour industry are as follows,

1 - Shift durations were fixed.

2 - Minimum wage criteria was introduced.

3 - Union made relation between workers n workmen,  between employee n employers, which in return helped to       solve out the dislute peacefully.

4 - Matters when solved peacefully, helped in happy environment which in return promoted industry’s growth.

5 - Under trade Union act, there came a law under which if there are more than 7 members having same issues           and wanted same resolution, can formed their own Union by registrating their Union.

6 - Formation of Union forced people siting at higher authority to listen and act on demands of the labours.

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